Like most of my scripts, after the first 15 pages or so, this one is coming out in a nonlinear fashion. I’ll stitch the scenes together when the time is right. To get a feeling for the tone and especially the humor of it, read some of the “Selected Scenes.” If you’re curious to see everything, all in one script file, scroll down and read the “The Script So Far.”

Selected Scenes

“Intro: Elena and Sophus”

Free-spirited Sophie meets her serious sister Elena at the airport. Hints of old conflicts pop up as their enthusiastic Lyft driver Freddie drives them to the motel near their film location.

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“A Spirit Goes On Strike”

They’ve managed to conjure up a spirit, and figure out a way to make him appear on camera (since, after all, spirits are invisible). But now he says he won’t work if his name isn’t going to be in the credits. And another thing: He wants an agent!

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The Script So Far

Here are the 29 pages I have so far. It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle in places, but I’ve got the edges filled in, and some of the center. I have several other scenes envisioned but not written yet. Hopefully if you read this you can get the picture of what it will be like when it’s done.

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