This page contains information that may be of interest to potential producers, as well as others presently associated with the project.


  • Screenwriter Jonny Lewis has a proven record with comedy, with 8 films winning 18 awards and appearing in 100+ festivals since 2016.
  • Our fabulous location is FREE. (Note: Night shooting will run $100 an hour and we’ll have to make arrangements with the caretaker.)
  • A great Sundance candidate, because everyone in Hollywood has been on shoots where something went wrong. I ran into Jeff Daniels at a film festival in NYC, and he told me that once on Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series, The Newsroom, he got bumped on top of the head by the boom mic!
  • Many of our crew and actors are people we’ve worked with before, removing much uncertainty.
  • Middle America will enjoy the film because it portrays the imperfections they’ve always suspected lie beneath Hollywood’s veneer of perfection.
  • Brand new inertial motion capture technology will enable us to make our “Cobweb-man” for thousands of dollars instead of millions.
  • Jonny is booked to visit the American Film Market in Santa Monica November 9-12 to meet with potential producers and distributors.
  • We have a fun story whose main turning point from disaster to victory no one will be able to predict. We challenge you here: How to Find a New Monster.
  • 1-page pitch sheet including tagline, logline, salabilty, etc.