Jonny Lewis: Writer, Director — Wrote and directed 25 short films; 110+ festivals; 19 awards. Extensive acting experience, including leads in three Off-Off-Broadway plays.
Kevin Huie: Producer — Kevin has more IMDb credits than anyone I know—as producer, AD, AC, and other positions. He produced my short film, Gonna Be a Soldier, and crewed on three or four films I acted in. Kevin may also act as our AD.
Richard Miranda: Monster Maker. It’s not official yet, but Richard—who apprenticed with Hollywood legend Rick Baker, and has 40 years of experience himself—is very interested in working with us.
Jason Ferrell: DP, Editor — Jason has shot 80% of my films, and also edited most of them.
Bobby Fever: Key Grip, Gaffer — Bobby has been grip, gaffer, and/or boom operator on almost all of my films except the ones shot in Tijuana. He has 20 years in the film business, and worked as a firefighter before that.
Greg Jones: Boom Operator — Greg has boomed half a dozen of my recent films.
Patrick Joyner — Sound Mixer — Patrick has worked on one film with us recently.

More positions TBA, including grips, PA, scripty, and craft services.