When everything goes horribly wrong on an indie film shoot, and their monster burns to a crisp, the filmmakers must resort to supernatural means to finish their film.

“The Horror!”

A film crew and cast have only 7 days to make a horror film. The problem is, they’re not exactly competent. After several accidents with boom poles, falling lights, and cables that trip and strangle, one final Rube Goldberg accident crashes half their equipment. They rally, and seem to be on track, when their monster suit gets burnt to a crisp. With no earthly hope left, they turn to supernatural means to finish their film. And just how, exactly, does that work?

Status: Scouted the location June 21, 2019. Got it for free! (It’s huge, and it’s amazing.) Character brainstorm session June 22. Script in progress. See Highlights for more info.

“The Horror” is a comedy feature film being written by Jonny Lewis.