Welcome to “The Horror!”
(a slapstick comedy)

The Horror!

A film crew and cast have 7 days to make a horror film. The problem is, they’re not exactly competent. They’ve brought in an Instagram “star” to get funding and a built-in audience. But after several accidents with boom poles, falling lights, and cables that trip and strangle, one final Rube Goldberg accident crashes half their equipment and burns down their prop “monster.” The Instagram guy and a couple other people with bad attitudes quit. Will the remaining cast and crew, no longer hampered by big egos and bad attitudes, be able to salvage the film and meet the deadline? Can a sock puppet replace the monster?

Key points:

  • Slapstick is back, baby!
  • Premise #1: You can make it on your own. You don’t need to get help from someone “higher up.”
  • Premise #2: Good attitudes trump big egos.
  • We will shoot this ourselves, without relying on outside funding.
  • We are aiming for distribution, not just festival appearances—i.e., we plan to make money and we believe we can.

Status: Scouted the location June 21, 2019. (Got it for free!) Character brainstorm session June 22. Script in progress.

“The Horror” is a slapstick comedy feature film to be written, directed, and executive produced by Jonny Lewis.