When everything goes horribly wrong on an indie film shoot, and their monster burns to a crisp, the filmmakers must resort to supernatural means to finish their film.

“The Horror!”

(A comedy feature film being written by Jonny Lewis.)

Sophie is a free-spirited actress in LA trying to be a filmmaker. Her half sister Elena is a novice but disciplined New York theatre producer coming to LA to work with Sophie on a low-budget horror film. They have only 10 days to shoot the film before Elena has to return to New York to start production on her first Off-Broadway show. After several mishaps and recoveries by their crew (who Sophie found on LinkedIn), their monster suit gets burnt to a crisp. With no earthly hope left, they turn to supernatural means to finish their film. And just how, exactly, does that work?

Status: Scouted the location. It’s huge, it’s amazing, and it’s free! Script in progress. See Highlights for more info.